Saturday, April 25, 2009

A couple of quick sketches I drew with a ball-point Bic pen from the book The Illusion of Life (2009)

These are quick sketches I did with a ball-point Bic pen a few months back. With all the Flash Animation I've been doing lately, I haven't been drawing much at all, as you can see. It was nice to get back to the basics. I'm a bit rusty on some of these drawings.

I started drawing with just a pen (leaving no room for fixing errors) when I was working at Cartoon Network on the cartoon "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends." Between scenes I'd take out my "Chuck Amuck" book and do a quick pen sketch. Some came out alright, some didn't. I feel it's a good exercise for us animators, it definitely can make one more loose because you may think (like I did) "Well, I'm probably gonna' mess up, might as well do it quickly..." Then you find that there may be some drawings that didn't come out as bad as you may have thought; considering the circumstances. "I'm a victim of circumstance!" And you will feel more confident in your lines after doing it for awhile.

I believe I still have many of those Chuck Jones studies from 2006 and I'll see about posting them soon.

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