Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some of my Ren & Stimpy Layouts after being inked & painted (2003)

Two kids are about to have a visit from their heroes--Ren & Stimpy! From the episode "Altruists."
Two hungry people, one is headless. Ren is off screen, force-feeding the woman cheese. From the episode "Altruists."
Stimpy going into contractions, Ren paranoid. I don't remember drawing Stimpy's eyes like that (but maybe I did--who knows), but I do have a clear memory of drawing Ren how he looks here. From the episode "Stimpy's Pregnant."

I found these on some random website awhile back and well, here they are. It's too bad there wasn't anything from the episode "Fire Dogs II", I did layouts for that one also. I do have allot of Layout Drawings of these episodes that I'll post soon. I just decided that since I have these final stills already on my computer, that I might as well post them.

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