Friday, May 29, 2009

"The Point Where Rage overcomes Depression" (1999)

I drew and inked this back in '99 when 3-D was becoming more prominent than Traditional Animation--at the first company I worked for. I wasn't happy with the change. First sad, then enraged. Now I just accept it as a reality.

On a side-note, you might want to click on this image to get a clearer view. I know I say this at the very top (along with the discription of my blog), but this one has some details that can't really be seen unless you click on it for the larger view.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Layouts I did for Ren & Stimpy, Episode: "Altruists" (2003)

Ren just asked Stimpy a question in the previous scene. Stimpy says "no" (I think).
Ren shouts out "LIAR!"--Stimpy is scared by the outburst.

Ren again questions Stimpy...

Stimpy (trying to calm Ren down and looking innocent) says: "I know better than that, Ren..."

Ren walks off-screen slightly pleased with the answer. Stimpy is happy with the out-come.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some of my layouts from Ren & Stimpy, Episode: "Fire Dogs II" (2003)

Here's Stimpy jumping on screen--
--and doing "the take." I didn't draw this one. It was drawn by my Supervisor Fred Osmond. I had a crazy idea of drawing Stimpy as a crazed cat with slits for pupils and his hair all frayed out. It didn't fly though.
Stimpy running off, dodging an axe from the crazed fire chief, played by Ralph Bakshi.
Then Ren jumps onto screen to find an axe embedded into the wall.
He does his "take." I actually drew it even more crazy originally--but then toned it down for the show. That's why the copy of Ren is a pasted on copy from a copy and not the best of quality.
And finally, Ren runs in mid-air for a moment and exits stage left--as the axe is pulled out.

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"The Cletus & Floyd Show!" Cletus Rage (2009)

Something I drew when I wasn't in the best of moods. I know it isn't the best of drawings, but it shows some of what I was feeling at the time.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Statue designs I drew for Mattel (2001)

Some statue designs I drew for Mattel back in 2001. It was for a "Barbie" CD-Rom game.

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"The Cletus & Floyd Show!" (2002)

Various drawings I did for our project (me and Frank Forte). We both do the directing and storyboards. I do the character designs and animation, while he does the backgrounds. It's been at a stand-still for awhile now. Hopefully I can get focused once again--and get this project going. We already have many episode summaries to fill a season.

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Some layouts I drew for "Stimpy's Pregnant" (2003)

Yup, I was right, on the first drawing they did change the look of Stimpy for the final version. You can see the final version of this drawing if you scroll down.
This was changed also. You see, we didn't have the sound yet when doing these layouts, so I thought Ren would be in distress saying "...having my baby!"; having the accent on the last drawing for the word "!" As it turned out, John wanted him to be saying it calmly.
Oh, on a side note--the first drawing on the first page actually happens after the cop leaves. I just put it first for my portfolio (since it shows the car in full detail).

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