Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here's the second animation test I took to get the job animating on "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" (2006)

Though this animation also called for acting in the scene, I believe it was mainly based to see one's skills in using allot of secondary and follow-through action. With those crazy eyes of Wilt moving at different speeds an' all. The thing about Wilt is that he has somewhat control over his bigger right eye--but zero control over his smaller left one.
I know it seems weird how the scene stops when he's in mid sentence, but that's how the test was. I guess it cuts to another scene at that point.

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Here's the first animation test I took to get the job animating on "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" (2006)

It's a Bloo scene where he acts differently for each name he's coming up for himself. It was basically a test on acting.

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Some of my Ren & Stimpy Layouts after being inked & painted (2003)

Two kids are about to have a visit from their heroes--Ren & Stimpy! From the episode "Altruists."
Two hungry people, one is headless. Ren is off screen, force-feeding the woman cheese. From the episode "Altruists."
Stimpy going into contractions, Ren paranoid. I don't remember drawing Stimpy's eyes like that (but maybe I did--who knows), but I do have a clear memory of drawing Ren how he looks here. From the episode "Stimpy's Pregnant."

I found these on some random website awhile back and well, here they are. It's too bad there wasn't anything from the episode "Fire Dogs II", I did layouts for that one also. I do have allot of Layout Drawings of these episodes that I'll post soon. I just decided that since I have these final stills already on my computer, that I might as well post them.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A couple of quick sketches I drew with a ball-point Bic pen from the book The Illusion of Life (2009)

These are quick sketches I did with a ball-point Bic pen a few months back. With all the Flash Animation I've been doing lately, I haven't been drawing much at all, as you can see. It was nice to get back to the basics. I'm a bit rusty on some of these drawings.

I started drawing with just a pen (leaving no room for fixing errors) when I was working at Cartoon Network on the cartoon "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends." Between scenes I'd take out my "Chuck Amuck" book and do a quick pen sketch. Some came out alright, some didn't. I feel it's a good exercise for us animators, it definitely can make one more loose because you may think (like I did) "Well, I'm probably gonna' mess up, might as well do it quickly..." Then you find that there may be some drawings that didn't come out as bad as you may have thought; considering the circumstances. "I'm a victim of circumstance!" And you will feel more confident in your lines after doing it for awhile.

I believe I still have many of those Chuck Jones studies from 2006 and I'll see about posting them soon.

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Page 2

Here's the second page... You can see where I screwed up Mickey's thumb on his right hand.

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Study of Rembrandt's Self Portrait (2000)

Here's one I did a year later (2000). It's a study of Rembrandt's Self Portrait. This time I have the original. The actual drawing is really small, I enlarged it a bit for the post. I used colored pencils once again (since I'm partially color-blind, I only use a limited amount of color).

I guess you can say this is me studying Rembrandt, studying himself.

When I look at it now, I think the study would look better if the lines on the hat dissappeared in the center at different areas--showing contrast. Live and learn.

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Study of Michelangelo's Ideal Head and Leonardo da Vinci's Head of a Warrior (1999)

Well, I finally took the time to figure some of this blogger stuff out. Here are two studies I did back in 1999. The Leonardo da Vinci study is my favorite, but I no longer have it. I originally drew it in red pencil. One of the reasons it's my favorite is because I took the liberty to get creative with the designs inside the warrior's helmet. Even though I no longer have the original, I'm happy that I at least have this faded copy (that I had to increase the contrast using Photoshop).

You can see it allot better if you click on it for an enlarged version.

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